“It’s not what you look at what matters, it’s what you see”

Henry David Thoreau

"Thank you for your support and guidance through this time - your advice and kindness has been invaluable.  This process really did help me ensure this was the right thing, and for the employee to be fairly treated throughout.  This was also important for my other staff to see this process in action, with none of them shocked that this was upcoming, and all mentioning how fair and reasonable this has been."

Luke Sexton
Director, Action Market Research

"I found Evelyn to be a thoroughly knowledgeable & committed HR professional."

Peter Peppin
Chief Executive Officer, Adelaide Hills Council

“Evelyn is an exceptional HR professional whose work at Adelaide Hills Council has been second to none. Evelyn has taken on some significant HR change management projects with our management team, and has shifted the organisation dramatically forward. Her enthusiasm, practical approach and "let's do this" attitude have made it truly a joy to work with her.”

Matt Strapps
Manager Information Systems, Adelaide Hills Council

“I have worked with Evelyn for 6 years and have found her to be a great organisational development partner. She goes beyond what is expected to understand the business and provides sound advice and support to suit the circumstances and ensure the organisational and individual goals are met. Evelyn combines a professional approach with a strong sense of fun and acknowledgement of achievement.”

John Silverblade
Manager Strategic Assets, City of Marion

“Evelyn is a highly competent OD professional who is achievement focussed, can see the bigger picture stuff and is able to balance the needs of our organisation and its people whilst achieving the ideal outcome.
Evelyn is professional in her dealings with others and has a positive outlook. 
Evelyn's impeccable project management skills enables her to deliver within timeframes.”

Rachel Read
Unit Manager Human Resources, City of Marion

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